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  • Color Coated Aluminum Coil 1060
    Color Coated Aluminum Coil 1060

    1060 aluminum coated coil sheet is good for anodizing and bright surface, so it is ideal aluminium to make color coated coil.

  • Coated Aluminum Coil 1100
    Coated Aluminum Coil 1100

    1100 color coated aluminum coilis pure aluminium. The coated surface will be flat mill finished and without oxidation and scratch.
    1100 H14 aluminum coated coil is normally used for making rain gutter.
    1100 H12 O aluminum coated coil is normally used for making fin stock, heat exchange fins.

  • Coated Aluminum Strip 3003
    Coated Aluminum Strip 3003

    Al-Mn aluminum foil 3003 is a kind of anti-rust aluminum. 3003 color coated aluminum sheet is an important alloy in China, price cheaper than 3105, and almost same as 1100, 1060, 1070 etc alloy, but has medium strength with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and very good weldability as well as good cold formability. It has better mechanical properties, especially at elevated temperatures than the 1000 series alloys.

  • Colored Aluminum Sheet 3105
    Colored Aluminum Sheet 3105

    3105 color coated aluminum sheet is used to process parts which require good forming property, high anti-corrosion or good weldability. It can be used to produce parts which not only have these property, but also have higher strength than parts made by the 1000 series. 

  • Colored Aluminum Sheet 5052
    Colored Aluminum Sheet 5052

    5052 color coated aluminum sheet has very good corrosion resistance to sea water and marine and industrial atmosphere, it also has very good weldability and good cold formability, so it is widely used in industrial field.

  • Colored Aluminum Coil 5754
    Colored Aluminum Coil 5754

    5754 colored aluminum coil is normally with temper H34, thickness above 2mm.
    Because aluminum 5754 has excellent corrosion resistance and higher strength, it especially resist to water and industrially polluted atmospheres.

  • Coated Aluminum Coil 8011
    Coated Aluminum Coil 8011

    8011 colored aluminum coil is the most popular alloys in packaging industry. 8011 color coated aluminum coil normally used for bottle caps. Also, it is also the marvellous foil material for food packing containers and trays.