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  • Face Mask Aluminum Strip 1050
    Face Mask Aluminum Strip 1050

    Aluminum strip is widely used for the face mask nose bridge.

  • Radiator Aluminum Strip 1060
    Radiator Aluminum Strip 1060

    The aluminium strip is the most common used product for radiator because of its good thermal conductivity.

  • Cosmetic Aluminum Strip 1070
    Cosmetic Aluminum Strip 1070

    The surface of aluminium strip 1070 is very soft, bright and smooth, it is an ideal material for cosmetic caps.

  • Spacer Aluminum Strip 1100
    Spacer Aluminum Strip 1100

    Aluminum strip for spacer is one of the necessary materials for hollow glass production. It has good insulation effect, nice sound absorbing and long service life. 

  • Air Duct Aluminum Strip 3003
    Air Duct Aluminum Strip 3003

    Aluminum strip is widely used in air duct. It has competitive price, smooth surface, easy to wash, long life service, it is better than plastic which will cause aging problem.

  • Shutter Aluminum Strip 3004
    Shutter Aluminum Strip 3004

    The aluminum strip is an ideal material for shutter because of super erosion proof of sunshine, wind, rain and dust, and they are easy to clean, has bright and smooth surface, also can be a decorative strip.

  • Lamp Aluminum Strip 3005
    Lamp Aluminum Strip 3005

    3005 aluminum strip is widely used in the lamp cover. 3 series has nice deep drawing and form-ability, it can be screwed to different shapes with certain property, and 3 series is the ideal strip for color coating, satisfied the different decorative requirements.

  • Cans Body Aluminum Strip 3104
    Cans Body Aluminum Strip 3104

    3104 H19 aluminum material plans an important roles on cans body material.

  • Cable Aluminum Strip 5052
    Cable Aluminum Strip 5052

    Aluminum strip is ideal for manufacturing metal sheathing for electrical cables, both for construction and industrial markets.

  • Transformer Aluminum Strip 5083
    Transformer Aluminum Strip 5083

    Aluminum strip can be used for variable transformer like low or high voltage transformer winding.

  • Channel Aluminum Strip 5754
    Channel Aluminum Strip 5754

    Aluminum strip is an aluminum alloy with an aluminum content of 99.5% or more. Aluminum strip is made by slitting aluminum coils. Because of it's high aluminum content, it is also referred to as pure aluminum tape in the industry. As this series of aluminum belt has better plasticity, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity. Aluminum strip is more suitable for further stamping, extrusion, deep drawing processing.

  • Cap Aluminum Strip 8011
    Cap Aluminum Strip 8011

    8011 is the optimum material for the production of bottle cap packaging industry, like screw caps for wine, beverage bottles and medicine bottles.